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Flood Status and River Levels Map

Click on a square symbol to access gages maintained by Snohomish County. Click on triangle symbols to access USGS gages. Snohomish County gages are color coded to indicate flood status at the gage location. Please look at our cheat sheet available here for more information about this page and its features.
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The Snohomish County River Gaging Display (square icons) is temporarily down due to communication problems with our database. The USGS gages (triangle icons) are still working. Our staff is aware of this issue and we are working to resolve this.
We apologize for the inconvenience.
The Flood Warning System is currently experiencing technical difficulties. Please try refreshing your browser or try again later.
River Information
Snohomish County Gages
USGS Gages
100-Year Floodplain
Weather Data (NWS)
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1-Hour Precipitation
Storm Total Precipitation
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You may select a station from this list instead of clicking on the map:

  • North Fork Skykomish River @ Galena:   Graph    Map View
  • South Fork Skykomish River @ Skykomish:   Graph    Map View
  • North Fork Skykomish River @ Index:   Graph    Map View
  • Mainstem Stillaguamish River @ Arlington:   Graph    Map View